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Do you know as much as you think you do?

(Warning: Long, reflective post.)

Do you ever have moments when you silently reflect on the time you’ve invested in something and wonder if you’ve made the most out of it?

Throughout these past two week, I’ve begun to wonder if I’ve really pushed myself as much as I should have throughout the past three years of college. I would like to think so, but the honest truth is that I have not. I’ve tried to do my best, but I never quite shot for 110%.

Then I began to wonder if I truly knew as much about public relations as I thought I did. I got the same results–enough to get by, but not much more than that. After a few days of pondering this realization, I figured out why I haven’t pushed myself to the limit: Fear.

This sounds odd, but for my first three years of college, I dreaded registering for classes because I didn’t want to start taking upper-level classes for fear of failure. I was nervous to get an internship because I thought I would be a failure. Hell, I was nervous to start a blog for fear of embarassment.  Now, this all seems extremely silly.

Once I immersed myself in my classes, I surprised myself at how well I absorbed the information. I got an internship and learned many things to supplement my classes. I began to blog (obviously) and realized that readership isn’t something to worry about as long as you enjoy it and take something away.

My point with this little anecdote is that I’ve finally seen the larger picture. I now know attending class is just one factor in the college education equation. Going beyond the curriculum and putting your schoolwork to use is what really cements the ideas you learned together. Take the time to be curious.

While you’re at it, challenge yourself too! Now is the time to target your weaknesses and begin strengthening them. If you want to be a better writer, do so. You can join the school newspaper, start a blog, write for a newsletter or just free write. The best way to work on your weaknesses is force yourself to do whatever it is. I’m a poor public speaker. Therefore, I’ve begun to speak more in front of large groups and improve my speech at every opportunity. Practice makes perfect you better!

Also, set goals. If you take one thing from this lengthy post, let this be it. Creating a plan of action for yourself is one of the most important and positive things you can do. This gives you a road map of where you want to go and how to get there. Make the goals reachable, yet challenging. Track your progress and reward yourself as you reach them. Do this and you’re sure to set yourself up for success!

(Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom. I know the two of you who actually did so wish you had the time back, huh?)

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