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How Are You Spending Your Holiday?


Now that I have a few weeks of free time, I’ve found myself quite bored. I got used to the incessant workload I carried this semester and now I’m twiddling my thumbs.

So I’ve decided to spend my break learning something I’ve always wanted to–how to write HTML. Of course I know that two or three weeks is nowhere near enough time to learn HTML, but I figure it will give me a few weeks of solid introduction to the concepts and allow me to understand what I’m getting myself into.

I had a slight breakthrough (this is huge for me) when I was able to figure out how to code the buttons on my right sidebar yesterday. This success has given me a boost of encouragement to push forward and enter this intimidating realm.

My question to you is: What are some good resources (preferably free) for a beginner learning HTML?

I’ve found a couple free tutorials, but I wasn’t sure if there were sources others have found to be helpful.

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