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Social Media Measurement: Your Thoughts?

As I read through blog posts and articles about social media, I find myself wondering how companies are measuring ROI for their  social media efforts and how they are developing their social media strategies. I’ve been consuming any information I can on this, but I’m still hungry for more insight.

In my search, I stumbled across Ryan Zuk’s article about social media measurement in PRSA’s Tactics and The Strategist Online which suggests measurable objectives be put in place before any tactics are deployed.

Common sense, right?

Well, the more blog posts I read, the more cautionary messages I encounter reminding me to only tread into the social media waters with a clear picture of what I want to achieve. This leads me to believe that some companies are still jumping on the bandwagon for the ride, not for any quantifiable or strategic purpose. Is this true?

So, how are companies developing their social media strategies? What types of measurable objectives are in place? What methods of measurement are being deployed?

Another thing, how are companies adapting to the dynamics of social media? I’d like to learn more about this process from any communication discipline or perspective.


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