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Changes Are A’Brewin…

After spending some time looking back at my past posts, I realized that I’m not happy with my style or the quality of my posts. I feel like, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this too, that I’m lecturing everyone without any true substance It all seems too redundant and I aim to change this.

So, please bear with me as I make this transition and find my true blogging personality. I may not post for a little while because I’m also moving in the middle of this epiphany.

Hopefully I will re-emerge with more interesting posts and with a more regular schedule. I apologize in advance for this hiatus.

Thanks for reading my posts throughout the last year. I will be back.

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2 Responses

  1. I never felt like you were lecturing. However, finding your voice is the hard part for new bloggers — so if you think this hasn’t been the real you, then you should mess around.

    On second thought, I was surprised by your choices on the ’80s music meme a while back, so maybe you need to get the metal out. : )

    • nathanielfuller says:

      Thanks for commenting! I think I just need to sit down and think about where I am and where I want my blog to go. Once I’m settled in Georgia, I’ll have more time to devote to it.

      As for the 80’s music, I was born then, but didn’t really live it. I don’t listen to enough 80’s music to have much insight. Was it the country? I love country so that may have skewed my picks. Thanks for the advice and I hope to see you at PR Camp ATL!

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