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Seize the PR Opportunity

I’ll admit that as I near graduation, the thought of another internship post-graduation wasn’t something I had in my crosshairs. But, that recently changed.

As with any new graduate, especially a PR graduate, I wanted a job after college. I wanted to take all this knowledge I have accumulated over the past four years and apply it to that glorious  entry-level opportunity. But what do you do when that opportunity isn’t there?


I heard many times during my PR education that paid internships, leadership development programs, etc.,  are  excellent ways to get your foot in the door and feet wet. But being the confident student I was, I wasn’t going to do that. I was gonna get a full-time job with all the trimmings. Well, here I stand four months after that thought, seeking opportunities for internships and leadership development programs. Open mouth, insert foot.

My point is, don’t rule out internships once you graduate. Sure it isn’t a full-time salaried position, but who cares? It beats working part-time at the movie theater and fervently checking online job postings. You’ll be doing what you love and networking all the while.

If you are seeking employment as a recent graduate like me, promise me you’ll keep an open mind and seize any PR opportunity that comes around. Don’t give up, it’ll perk up soon enough.


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