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What This Semester Taught Me

improveThis week marks the end of yet another eventful and tiresome semester. I successfully wrapped up my PR campaigns course, was invited to be on the USF Bateman team and grew as an individual and professional in the process. Of course, it took  a constant IV drip of coffee to keep me alert and focused (and sane) during the many late nights/early mornings, but I would say the time was worth it and I pulled a lot away from it.

Don’t wait, do what you want to do now!
It is really easy to assume that you’ll have enough time later on to do that task, but you don’t. Get what you want and need done right away. Leave yourself plenty of time to revise and polish. Plus, you’ll extend your life a little from not putting yourself under extra stress.

Jump at every opportunity to do improve yourself and your skills!
What are your weaknesses? What are you currently doing to improve on them? As I’ve said before, I want to improve my public speaking skills. When the account executive for my group fell ill, I jumped at the opportunity to present our campaign to over 70 people. Challenge yourself and push your threshold!

Take on leadership roles when they arise!
Showing future employers that you are able to lead a team is absolutely necessary if you wish to contend with other applicants in the PR field. I was asked to be a member of the USF Bateman team this year and immediately asked my fellow team members for their approval to be account executive. I didn’t do it to be cocky or because I felt I was better than them, I wanted to the challenge myself to a position I have no experience with and grow.

Join professional organizations!
As a PR student, you must be a member of any professional organization that interest you. PRSSA and IABC chapters on college campuses are excellent organizations to be affiliated with. Take  the opportunity to go to the local professional chapters and network with those members. The contacts you make there can open doors to internships and job possibilities.

Supplement in-class activities with external resources!
Get an internship, read blogs and meet with professionals. These are ways you can build on the core concepts you are being taught in class. PR is such a dynamic field that you must be reading blogs and interning in order to stay current with trends and practicies.

Find time to blog!
Any PR student who isn’t currently blogging should stop what they are doing and set one up right away. As communicators, why not utilize the tools available to communicate and improve your skills? And if you already have a blog, join me in vowing to blog more.

This semester was so unordinary, and inspiring, that I could not possibly sum it up in one post. I met great people at the PRSSA National Conference in Detroit and became more passionate about my career choice. I learned to roll with the punches and make the best out of every situation. I became more focused and driven. I realized that not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Most of all, I learned to have a short memory. Its best to not sweat the little stuff.

What about you? What have the last 3 months taught you about yourself?


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3 Responses

  1. “Any PR student who isn’t currently blogging should stop what they are doing and set one up right away.”

    Smart words Nate. PR students who do this are likely to be noticed and read by longstanding PR pros. And those of us who’ve been around for a while know that we don’t have a corner on insight. So, we read you on the same level as people who’ve been in the biz for 20 years. So, give your best. I’ve subscribed and I’ll be following you from now on.

  2. nathanielfuller says:

    Thank you so much Joseph for the kind words. I’ve pushed blogging and social media hard amongst my peers in hopes that they could experience the blogosphere and meet great people such as yourself who are keeping the field fresh and interesting. Thank you for subscribing, I’ll be sure to keep it interesting!

  3. […] another post, Nate reflects on what he learned and accomplished in the just-completed semester.  He elaborates […]

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