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Service Learning–Any Thoughts?

The University of South Florida, like many other colleges and universities around the world, offers service learning courses to students to bridge the gap between classroom theory and real world application.

This form of instruction has become the focus of my Advanced Public Relations team’s campaign. We are researching the attitudes and behaviors of USF faculty who are engaged in service learning to develop a greater understanding of service learning’s impact on student’s education. We are also seeking out limitations and negative implications regarding service learning, along with the positives, to develop a strategic plan to promote service learning among USF Faculty and help them realize its mutual benefit to students and the surrounding community.

I want to reach out to anyone who has either taught a service learning course, taken one or both. I want to hear your thoughts on this and further understand the attitudes surrounding service learning.  Is it good, bad, tedious, useless, anything?

This inquiry will not be included in our research study, but it is a way for me to gain knowledge on service learning and branch out from one public to get a larger perspective. Also, my Advanced PR class is a service learning course and I’m interested to see if your perspective matches mine.

That being said…Here’s how I feel about service learning as a student currently in a service learning course: It’s tough, time-consuming, aggrivating and stressful. It is also fun, exciting, beneficial and a great way to practice your core PR skills.  I love the class structure and the amount of work involved, but I feel like I’m a minority on this issue. Any students feel the same way? Complete opposite? 

This was a curious post to see if anyone had any thoughts on the issue and wanted to share. I’d love to hear from you!

Listed below are some very general questions we are looking to have answered through our research.

What are your perceptions on this type of learning?
Is it a better structure for learning?
Any negative thoughts on service learning?


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