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A Lesson in Leadership

A key trait great leaders share is humility. Great leaders are able to disregard their preconceptions and look at situations objectively. Arrogance and pride never factor into decisions, which are made for the greater good of the group or organization. Critical thinking and the ability to care are essential tools in a great leader’s toolkit.

Are you a great leader?

In the six short years the state of Florida has allowed me to work legally, I have encountered great leaders. In the same time span, I have encountered many bad leaders. Most of these bad leaders weren’t horrible people, but people who didn’t possess any leadership qualities. Time and maturity could cure these people.

The great leaders I have had the honor of working with all shared the aforementioned qualities. The most amazing trend I witnessed, though, was the fact that they didn’t have to try to lead–they just did it. It came naturally to them and they made the workplace somewhere enjoyable to work. They also became great mentors of mine, coaching me in the many decisions I’ve made.

The reason I’m posting this is that lately, I have some experiences that have taught me a few lessons in leadership. These are a few things that I’ve picked up on that aspiring leaders should learn:

  • Care about people. Take the time to tell someone that you appreciate what they are doing and that they have an impact on the world around them.
  • Listen to people. Employees and teammates have great ideas as well. Allow them to present their insights and you could find your group or organization performing better.
  • Lighten Up. Work doesn’t have to always be serious. Allowing employees to have fun and be productive at the same time will create a better work atmosphere, potentially improving quality.
  • Delegate tasks. You may feel like you have all the answers and are the only one who can do the work, but give employees the chance to showcase their abilities. This creates a win-win situation, giving you a break and giving employees the satsifaction of being involved.
  • Admit your mistakes. Never cover up mistakes or place blame on others. When you admit your faults, you allow yourself to be human and be a better role model for employees. Plus, mistakes always comeback to bite you one way or another!

Take a look around you some time and see if you notice people who embody these traits. Do you find yourself looking up to them?


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