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School Is About To Start, How Can Social Media Help?

It’s that time again! You guessed it, FOOTBALL SEASON!! For those of you who aren’t football fans, this time of the year is also known as the start of the Fall semester. The lovely time of year where we fall victim to outrageous textbook prices and professors who must teach with the 12th edition. Ah yes, the time when our bank accounts seem as though they’ve undergone gastric bypass surgery because of the rapid decrease in size. The joyful college experience…

The onset of a new semester does provide me with some anxiousness. I finally get to use the social media tools I’ve been exploring to supplement my coursework. I’ve spent some time creating ideas about how to use new media tools to my advantage in my quest of higher learning and so I’ve decided to create a list of ways I’ll be using social media tools to enhance my studies in hopes of inspiring you to do so as well.

1. Actively blog about topics discussed in class to further expand your understanding.
2. Read blogs about topics discussed in class to expand your understanding.
3. Use Twitter to pose questions, using your network to identify different angles.
4. Share interesting things you learn in class via Twitter,, Digg, blogs, etc.
5. Use RSS feeds to supplement your text, lectures, etc.
6. Use social networking sites for collaboration, research, idea generation and editing.
7. Explore other avenues of social media and learn to adapt them to your needs as a student.

I’m aware that 7 is an odd number to stop at, but that’s all I could come up with right now. These are just a few quick ideas I have for using social media as an aide–I know there are many more. Besides, you are already using Google and Wikipedia for research, why not expand to authoritative blogs and your social networks?

What uses of social media can you come up with for supplementing your coursework?


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