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Social Media or Bust…Part 2



A little secret nobody tells you when you start blogging is that it can be extremely addicting. Everyone has to find their niche and develop their own online presence. I chose to blog about public relations and my experiences as a PR student. I love every minute I spend reading, commenting and posting. A blog gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts about the field of PR and have professionals, academics and students give me feedback. Where else can one do this more efficiently than in the blogosphere?


That being said, I toyed with many ideas for writing this post and finally set my mind to one—tell everyone what I’ve learned through blogging and offer any first-timers some advice that took me a while to learn. After all, this is my “termblog” and reflection.


Please add anything to these very brief lists that you feel should be included. I am still a rookie and you seasoned veterans can shed light on much more than I can.



Throughout this project, I have taken special note of writing styles and techniques others have employed through blogging. I’m sure all of these points have been said before, but these are key things I’ve learned to keep in mind while writing my posts:

  • Plan your blog posts. You wouldn’t disseminate a half-hatched press release, so why would you post a half-hatched blog post?
  • Think brevity. In the course of a day, most bloggers will read 20 or more posts and don’t have time to digest your novel. Just give them the meat straight up.
  • Write casually. A blog is a non-traditional medium and doesn’t need to be written in an institutional voice. Put some of your character into your blog and people will enjoy it (hopefully).
  • Read other blogs. You can learn great writing habits by reading well-written blogs. Reading is fundamental to blogging, but you knew that, right?
  • LINK to others. If you pull nothing away from this list, let this one be it. Linking to other blogs, blog posts, websites, etc., is the way of the web. Allowing others to read original posts from which you have pulled something from enriches their time spent in the blogosphere and adds value to your post.


Once you have created a blog and have begun to actively post, you should take note of a few blogging etiquette pointers:

  • Praise, don’t criticize.
  • Research your information and only post solid facts. Assumptions have no place here.
  • Reply to comments that others leave for you (I’m guilty, and I’m very sorry!).
  • Link back to sources for attribution.
  • Be friendly. The blogosphere is an amazing network of individuals from all walks of life. You should embrace that and build relationships with people.


The beauty of the blogosphere is its interconnectivity. I can be sitting here in Tampa, sweating and cursing the hot weather while another person is sitting in San Diego enjoying beautiful sunshine, all the while keeping up a conversation about PR. Therefore, in order to develop your network and find contacts from all over, I’ve found these pointers to be helpful:

  • Follow a blog for a while and familiarize yourself with its content.
  • Add blogs you enjoy reading to your blogroll. Most bloggers will reciprocate.
  • Comment on a posts and invite others to your blog.
  • Subscribe to blogs and stay updated. Contribute to conversations and offer feedback when necessary.
  • Find bloggers on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (You can find blogs by topic by using Technorati).


 The list could go on and on, but I must end it here. What networking tips do you have for newbies? What about blogging etiquette?


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