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Poor PR Writing

My Public Relations Issues professor, Bob Batchelor, recently posted a question on his blog pertaining to the trend of poor writing among public relations practitioners. In his post, he asks: “What do you think we can do to improve PR writing both while students are students and then once they get out into the professional world?”

As a current public relations student, I would have to say the best way to get through to students is to disect their writing and be brutally honest with them. Many students will not respond well to this approach (at least at first), but in time they will begin to notice the improvements in their writing. As much as I hated receiving negative feedback, it was that harsh reality that pushed me to spend more time working on my writing and developing my skills.

That being said, I think students have as much responsibility as the professors do when it comes to improving the students’ writing. Professors can teach them the many techniques and styles of writing, but it is ultimately up to the student to put them to use and perfect them. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Those students that truly want to be the best in their field will do everything possible to improve their writing. It’s not fair for professors to take all the blame for poor PR writing.

What do you think?


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4 Responses

  1. Hello.

    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.

  2. larak says:

    Nate, as you know I recently blogged about the importance of continually improving our writing. I agree – getting critical feedback is hard, but so important if we are to get better. Keep up the great blog!

  3. nathanielfuller says:

    Jason- I have linked to you in my blogroll. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to reading your posts.

    Lara- I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far and have taken your advice on writing to heart. Look forward to more!

  4. Les Potter says:


    I think you are wise beyond your years to write so intelligent and well-thought-out a post. Yours is a voice that must be heard.

    Good work,

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