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What’s Your Ladder To Success?

Since beginning college, my main focus has been to obtain the best education I can and become a successful PR practitioner. In do so, I was urged to create goals and plan my route to attaining these goals.  My father, who is a PR practitioner, has always urged me to aim high and settle for nothing less than my best effort. It was his advice that has propelled me through my first three years of college and will continue to resonate throughout my career.

My question for you is: What path have you created for your success in the PR profession? Whether you are a student or not, how have you mapped your goals?

If you are a student and you haven’t carved out some plan for yourself, then maybe this will help get you started:

1. Focus on your writing. Jump at every opportunity you have to write. Blog, freewrite, join the newspaper staff, ANYTHING. The most important skill any PR practitioner possesses is their ability to write.

2. Read. Read newspapers, blogs, magazines, newsletters or anything you can get your hands on. Pay attention to what is happening in the world as well as what is happening in the PR realm.

3. Join a professional or pre-professional organization. PRSA, PRSSA, FPRA and IABC are all great organizations to be a part of. They are great for mentorship and networking. These are the people who are there for you and can help you get internships and jobs. The workshops and educational opportunities through these organizations are invaluable.

4. Get an internship. The best thing you can do to supplement your education is to intern. Gain the valuable on-the-job experience you cannot get in the classroom. There are tons of internships available–some are even paid!

5. Consult Professors and Advisors. You are paying to get an education, therefore use the resources available to you. Professors and advisors are there to educate you, but also to guide you and help you develop as a young professional. I have consulted my professors many times, especially for problems and decisions that fall outside of the syllabus. (I landed my internship with the help of my profressor.)

If you address each of these points, you will notice your knowledge base grow. Set goals and work extremely hard to attain them and you will be among the other elite graduates. Since PR is growing at a rapid rate and jobs are largely competitive, it only benefits you to gain the best education and be as knowledgeable about PR as you can when you graduate.

I’m heeding this advice, you should too. Want to join me?


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