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Travelling Lighter

According to an article published in the New York Times today, airlines are creatively seeking ways to make their fleets operate more efficiently. By grounding older jets and taking better care of the newer jets, the airlines are beginning to see a decline in fuel expenses. That being said, the airline industry collectively is expected to spend a little more than $61 billion on fuel this year.

Tim McGraw, Northwest Airlines’ director of corporate environment and safety programs explained that the industry has begun to look inside the cabin of the airplane in order to improve efficiency. They are replacing passenger seats with models that are five pounds lighter as well as flight attendant carts that are nearly 17 pounds lighter. McGraw said that Nortwest was also reducing the amount of water they carry for faucets and toilets on international flights by 25% because most planes return with more than half of their water tanks full.

Aside from lightening the load, airlines realized that by pressure washing the engines of the planes routinely would reduce the amount of drag and allow them to save more fuel.

I think it’s about time, especially amid the rising airfare (and baggage) costs, that the airlines begin seeking out these creative ways to cut costs. Because the need to reduce fuel costs is so high, they have opened up the floor to any and all suggestions from their employees. They aren’t just relying on the engineers to come up with fuel-saving techniques, but allowing others with valuable input to join the discussion.

I love to see functioning communication models. (Or at least an effort to facilitate one!)


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