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Changes and Cohen’s Insult

After a few days of pondering my blog and its content (or lack thereof), I have decided to both rename it and change my direction. I am going to write about the entire realm of PR, not solely writing. I have to do this because PR is so fascinating and diverse that limiting myself to one aspect wouldn’t allow me the experience I know blogging will provide. I apologize for the abrupt change and hope you enjoy my future posts!

That being said, as public relations professionals, what is your take on Andrew Cohen’s blatant attack on PR’s credibilty?

Watch this video if you have not heard his comments:

Cohen Comments on PR



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  1. Alisha Levin says:

    Hey Nate. I’m sure changing your focus to all of PR will give you much more to talk about. Look forward to reading more.

    After listening to Andrew Cohen trash the PR profession, I have to conclude he knows nothing about real PR. He needs to realize that a presidential press secretary’s job is extremely different from most jobs in PR.

    I think this shows that PR professionals need to do a better job of educating the public about the purpose of PR and what the profession really entails. The industry needs to do a better job of managing its own PR.

    PRSA responded to Cohen in a letter:

    I would have expected a better response.

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